I—MIT's"Just Click" Solutions have been commenced with the database and contact strategic milestones to implement an innovative database and contact development of the Total "Just Click" Solutions—controllable, reliable and automation—in order to maximize revenue and create long—term profitable customer relationships in the new millennium.


The aspiration of the R&D Team was to vigorously design with a thorough understanding of the corporate business—especially for database and/or contact strategy milestones—and test whether the work flow and/or call flow functions of  I—MIT's"Just Click" Solutions operate most importantly smooth throughout the process—Front—To—Back Office Process and Documentation.

   Innovative & Strategic Base Database and Contact Center
   Know Your Customer—Strategic Approaches to Customer
   Relationship Management (CRM) and Dealer Relationship
   Management (DRM)
   Transformed Your Call Center into a Strategic Contact Center  

Embedded Best Practices Suited Most Unique Requirements

  Onsite and Outsourcing Services